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Benefits of Web-Labs and Web-Labs solutions

  • Professional service from Web-Labs staff
  • Web-Labs treat clients as partners
  • Expert, professional design
  • Design tailored to clientís specific needs is the community website for the street works and highway industry. One road network is a news and collaborative site where street works and highway professionals can find out the latest news, innovation and best practice within the industry. It was created and designed collectively by Web-Labs and Mouchel.

Transport for London (TfL) is the local government body responsible for most aspects of the transport system in Greater London in England. Its role is to implement the transport strategy and to manage transport services across London. Its head office is in the Windsor House in the City of Westminster.

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Mouchel Group is a leading infrastructure and business services company headquartered in Woking, United Kingdom. It operates in sectors including highways, business process outsourcing, water, property, housing, education, waste, environmental and local government consultancy services in the UK and internationally.

Partnership is probably the best way of describing it, Mouchel have got both sides of the story, so we understand the industry and we understand TFLís needs, weíve also got the technical knowledge that we can talk to Web-Labs as well so weíve got their view and we able to deliver exactly what the client wants without having to translate it to technical talk. Phil Allen
Asset Planning Manager at Mouchel
Jan 2013

The One Road Network website has been developed and powered with the following Web-Labs products/services:

  • Content Master - using the Weblabs 'Symposium Intranet framework'
  • Document store
  • Address book
  • Events
  • Communities
  • Forums
  • E-Newsletter
  • Member personalisation
  • Web Design
  • Accessibility

The Challenge

TfL had previously run a website, but had decided that the site needed updating to include a wider audience both geographically and in terms of industry reach. It was also apparent that the previous content management system was more of a document store rather than a modern content management system.

Therefore, TFL went to tender to select a suitable partner to develop the site. Mouchel have wide expertise in street works and highways but didnít have the skills to produce a web site so they sought a partner from web design companies who had a CMS and background in local authorities. Web-Labs came at the top of the list so Mouchel approached and both parties agreed to tender together.


In May 2010, after a long tendering process, Mouchel and Web-Labs together produced a website to tailor Transport For Londonís needs for their One Road Network website. The idea behind the old system was to act as a focus for the whole of London but the remit for the new site was designed to make it more national so it covers the whole country.

As far as the partnership between Mouchel and TFL are concerned, Mouchel pretty much managed the whole site for TFL where they would find all of the news articles and have all of the contacts in the industry and if Mouchel needed a specific article, they would find the relevant people to talk to, to get that information. TFL are mainly hands off in the arrangement but lately they have been managing the members on the site.

Mouchel and Web Labs partnered to deliver a cutting edge intranet product for the Transport for London organisation. This intranet comprises of a great easy to use design with some of the latest features of the ASP.NET content management system.

Web-Labs has been a very good company to work with, always worked hard and always been very professional. We actually expected to have and we still hope to get more because itís one of those relationships where thereís a trust relationship there so we know we can work together and we donít have to necessarily go through all of the formalities that we might have to in a more arms length relationship. Phil Allen
Asset Planning Manager at Mouchel
Jan 2013

With 500 unique users/members using the site on a frequent basis per month, the content management system (CMS) is fully utilised to its potential by Mouchel to maintain an up to date website with all of the latest information. The main users of the site are industry professionals within a small dedicated industry who use the system on a regular basis.

The website was shortlisted for the London Transport Awards, which are about recognising excellence in transport, rewarding innovation and progress for transport initiatives which are really working.

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Web Design

The design of the One road network site was provided by Web-Labs Design. With a combined input from Web-Labs, Mouchel and TFL, it has been integrated with the CMS to provide an easy to use and professionally displayed website for both the administration staff and the external users of the site.

The future

One key area Mouchel are looking in to, is to providing an even more efficient system for TFL, and is to optimise the search engine tool.

With the original current contract due to end in 2013, there is the opportunity for the partnership to be renewed. With the deadline approaching, there is the flexibility for an extension and with this in mind, Mouchel are likely to look into continuing the partnership and to refresh and improve the site as well as implementing an improvement portal.

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