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Search Online : Let your audience reach deep into your information with Search Master

Rapid growth in the Internet has revolutionised the way that we do business and communicate in what has truly become a globalise age. Because of the internet companies can now become a start up and instantly reach an audience of thousands if not millions with the correct know how. Marketing all of sudden has been given a new outlet and perhaps a new school of thought with online presence meaning new costs but new audiences. Public sector organisations all of a sudden have new ways to appease and ultimately satisfy there audience. All of a sudden the individual’s voice can carry much further. Quite simply the internet has led to a whole new dynamic with not just new businesses or organisations springing up but whole new Industries.

Problem is of course just because you have a website does not mean all of a sudden you are going to be seen and found by millions of people never mind an audience related to your service. Search engines are the main tool to being seen in and around the internet, quite simply how do people find your site?

Optimising your website is vital to your success online as simply without visitors and perhaps the audience related to your website it is going to be a static brochure with a web address.

What can Web Labs do for you?

Question has been asked many times of Web Labs by current clients and organisations in both the Private/Public Sector. Yet because it has been a question anticipated by the Designers at Web Labs it is one that has been well answered by the UK Software Services company many times. Furthermore Web labs have practised what they preached by implementing for clients, in both sectors, the answer…

…which is?

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Advanced Search Engine with automatic categorisation / automatic classification system

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To collect and classify any digital file and file in easily accessible 'folders'

Effectively the two Systems allow an Organisation to build on there current knowledge base online and provide a search and tools that is effective but built in the principle of being cost efficient but yet enhancing performance.

But what makes these systems so effective?

Well if we may let us look at each service individually to answer this question.

Let us begin with Search Master

This system has one of the most powerful search engines on the market today using concept technology rather than keywords. Because of this it is able to provide a search that returns documents more relevant than simple keyword searches. Search Master is the latest in searching that does not rely on keywords to find the results you are looking for but uses the concepts to identify relevant results and return them.

Many search systems use keywords in their information retrieval so that non relevant information is returned. In contrast Search Master offers high precision and high recall as part of the solution to get the right results to the users.

Single words in isolation are highly ambiguous resulting in Low Precision. Whilst phrase searching can be used to improve Precision it does so at the expense of Recall since any document that does not match the exact phrase will be ignored. Search Master delivers High Precision and High Recall, with better ranking of results, compared to all other search engines that utilise an index of single words.

Most searches concentrate on web pages and other simple document types, but SearchMaster is able to search ALL popular Office document formats.

Through the use of the SearchMaster and the proprietary way the index is constructed Search Master is able to provide a number of unique features to assist in information retrieval.

  1. Dynamic extracts in results – Extracts can be provided with the result to allow a quick decision to asses if the document is relevant
  2. Related topics – These are concepts retrieved directly from the results set
  3. Highlighting – This indicates where the matches have occurred in the summary and dynamic extracts
  4. Text Only version – The production of the document in a text only format with highlighting so a document can quickly be scanned to see where the search terms are occurring
  5. Result collections – The system can produce groupings of results these include metadata, document type, language, classification, source
  6. Contact results – The system can provide a list of contacts that are most related to the results
  7. Dynamic image production- The search results can be represented as a scrollable list of images of the actual documents them selves
  8. Dynamic list of concepts within the index – Allows users to see what terms have results as they type and assists with spelling

Along with the unique feature set Search Master is able to provide the standard features.

  1. Sorting – Sort by relevancy, title, date, metadata
  2. Search across multiple areas – Title, Metadata, Content etc.
  3. Similar results – use the concepts in a document to perform a search
  4. Summary – summary of the result
  5. Paged results
  6. XML web service interface for full customisation
  7. Spider other websites for inclusion in your knowledge base
  8. Spider sources internally - File structures, intranets, SQL sources, Exchange servers etc.
  9. Administration – administration of the search and knowledge areas and reports (Top searches, stop lists, exclusions etc.)
  10. Multi lingual support – supports 15 western European languages including Welsh
  11. Custom integration – Allows clients to write their own search and result pages

Taxonomy Management

Along with the huge array of search features the system also includes an auto classification and taxonomy management system which means that when documents are put into the index they can be automatically placed into a corporate structure based upon the content and metadata. This allows for precise and consistent classification of the documents.

These classifications can be included into the search to allow another level of filtering and unmatched accuracy.

The Taxonomy management system includes:

  1. Multiple taxonomies
  2. Multiple clues per category
  3. Different clue types
  4. Linking of categories within or across taxonomies
  5. Addition of synonyms for clues
  6. Restructuring of taxonomies
  7. Negative clue types
  8. Clue suggestions
  9. Automatic classification
  10. Manual override of the automatic classifications


As the core of the System is web service based integration into existing/ new systems is easy and allows for full customisation of how it is used and run within an organisation.

The unmatched feature set and customisation of Search Master allows our customers to provide an unparalleled search and retrieval solution that is both useful externally and internally within an organisation and cost effective.

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