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Fylde Borough Council

Like many of our other clients, Fylde Borough Council employs the latest technology to provide a more efficient and cost effective service to the community. Since 2007, when Fylde Borough Council first began their working relationship with Web-Labs, they have extended this relationship by using a wide variety of the Web-Labs solutions and have taken advantage of the Web-Labs product range such as:

The Challenge

Under the previous system, the council’s website was said to have been ‘too clunky’ to use. Fylde used an ‘open source; Content Management System (CMS) to power their website. The site required greater expertise to input information on to the system, and only one person could upload content on to the Fylde site which was highly inefficient.

Therefore, Fylde Council sought new a system that was user-friendly, quick and appeared non technical to users so that officers from several departments could input content on to the system without any major training. After a formal tendering process Fylde Council chose Web-Labs’ Content Management System (CMS) as it provided an easy to use, multi authoring and best value solution.


With the Web-Labs systems in place, Fylde Borough Council has efficiently updated their technology to provide a more user-friendly service both internally for their staff and externally to their public.

However, even with the successful relationship, the technology must continue to be enhanced. All of Web-Labs updates have continued to cater for these growing demands. Any issues that the council encountered have been dealt with promptly.

Below is how each of Web-Labs services assisted Fylde Borough Council in meeting its challenges.

Content Master CMS for Local Gov

Web-Lab’s Content Master is at the heart of the solution and was one of Fylde’s first products used from Web-Labs for both its internet and intranet service. Fylde are currently on the third version of the CMS and to date, there have been no major problems with the site. With the benefit of the easy to use nature of the CMS, the council have been able to input far more information than ever before.

Furthermore, the latest update has provided a graphic overhaul of the entire site, which looks pleasing on the eye, modern and up to date. The homepage also provides the option of accessing the site in two modes, ‘Search View’ and ‘Classic View.’

Forms Master webforms for Local Gov

eForms has allowed Fylde Borough Council to shift many of their services to an online method and is used as a platform to integrate with several third party software systems (e.g. Bartec – Refuse System). The Workflow module within Forms Master is used for the complaint handling system to track the complaint process end to end and report on common issues so that the council can track, speedily handle and reduce the number of complaints.

The new Forms Master system has reduced the council’s expenditure and time on paper service requests as many requests are now completed electronically and online.

Resource Master

The booking system has lived up to Fylde’s expectations. Before, the council used an archaic system of room keepers who each had a separate spreadsheet and customers had to phone up to book rooms. Now the customers and staff can do it themselves online rather than having to rely on other people. With the usage of Resource Master, this has reduced transaction costs, prevented double bookings and improved organisation with all resources structured in to one system.

The Future

With technology advancing rapidly, Fylde Borough Council has been keen to maintain its modern image. Recently, Fylde purchased a mobile site from Web-Labs to meet the publics’ growing demand for small handheld devices.

With Web-Labs’ long awaited production of ‘The Bridge’ (a complete web service environment) in beta test and nearing its completion, Fylde is likely to implement this as a common platform across Fylde Council to help it develop, innovate and deliver excellent customer service.


Working with Web-Labs has allowed us to take an agile approach to software development. The company has the right people and technology in place to help Fylde Council improve focusing its business around the customer. Andy Cain, Customer Service Manager at Fylde Borough Council

The use of the web site has continued to grow month on month for several years now. In the future more people will contact the council through the web site than in person, in writing or even on the phone. It is essential that the site is high quality and easy to use for everyone... Fylde has developed a new web site and expanded the range of services available online 24 hours a day in response to customer demands. The future will see more and more business being conducted on line and the council is ready to meet this challenge. Paul Rigby, Cabinet Member for electronic government at Fylde

Weblabs interviews Andrew Cain at Fylde Council

Also installed

Content Master logo

Enterprise Content Management System – develop and maintain web sites and intranets without the need for specialist IT skills.

Forms master logo

Enterprise E-Forms – easily communicate with the public and staff.

searchmaster logo

Advanced Search Engine with automatic categorisation / automatic classification system

resourcemaster logo

Resource Management system to manage an unlimited number of resource types at an unlimited number of locations.

refusemaster logo

One major cost in a local authority is the call centre; & many of the calls occur want to know when and what type of bins are collected. Local authority costs can easily be reduced with RefuseMaster.

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