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Planning to transform your TGov website serve your eGov clients!

Web Labs offer a range of products and services that will get your website Tgov transactional.

Usability, Accessibility and Search engines

It's obvious: Egov and Public sector websites exist to server the public, and if they cannot be found easily by the popular search engines, or readily used by public, then they fall at the first fence in the race to provide the information to your customers.

Search engine optimisation and web accessibility are often overlooked or even misunderstood in the development of a new website, and sometimes in the best looking websites that miss this crucial factor in your considerable investment. What are good looks alone in a race to beat your rivals in customer service if your beautiful website is found later, difficult to use or difficult to use for those with a visual, hearing or learning disability?

Slick design may keep your marketing team and councillors happy - but it wont necessarily keep your clients happy - the tax payers! Web Labs have worked for over a decade producing a myriad of websites to all sorts of standards of categorisation structure, organisation hierarchy, usability requirements and accessibility standards.

At Web Labs we take a 'big picture' look at the web site optimisation issue, because it is a big subject; one in flux as standards rise and fall. Here are a few of the ways we deal with it, as we treat optimisation in more ways than one:

User friendly site maps and navigation methods

If you're starting afresh with your website then you are in the best position to get this right first time. Taking an objective view of your own organisation from the outside is the quickest way to get your site map built for the people that will use your website. Its very easy to get internal departmental politics in the way of good navigation structure, and interfere with the neat information tree that your website navigators expect to find and use. After all its your customers website, and if they don't like your navigation logic they will go elsewhere; and this may apply to public sector categorisation methods (LGNL) where certain council departments have less prominence in your local authority. In the past some clients have failed to take our advice and litmus test a few site wireframes or site maps, only to come back with more messy site map problems. This was the reason Taxonomy Master is such a valuable tool in categorisation changes.

Essentially its design and logic that we try to harmonise at Web Labs and we never forget the importance of this relationship if we design and build your website.

Website Accessibility

Transparency in this business is often frustrating. If you are a webmaster you may have come across this ugly fact that 'standards' are different depending on who's rule book you are following!

Website accessibility is logical and common sense at Web Labs as we build websites for people, and not for robot validators! We offer an ongoing depth of service that is tailored to your accessibility requirement and employ our considerable experience in this field to cover requirements that different user groups will need. In the past we have worked with the Bobby Watchfire, W3C, Sitemorse, RNIB (See it right), SOCTIM and various 3rd party browser plugin providers. We have also regularly employed site testers with special needs where clients have required their sites tested.

Publishing for the web: content is King!

The logic is so simple yet so many are unprepared to invest in publishing information correctly with a consistent natural language. Publishing content and keeping a consistent natural language in a consistent manner is something we offer courses in.

We offer courses in publishing for the web which cover this skill, but essentially the accessible and user friendly publishing that users are out for is your content - and if its well structured - and relevant to your publishing categorisation methods - it will be like gold dust in your next SOCTIM report. It will also be very friendly to search engines!

Large organisations, like a Unitary Authorities have man power to publish, but if its not well enough, those efforts are in vain! We are experts in this field, as we understand the logic behind the code markup so we can get you publishing for the web as a great team! We can highlight cases of our smaller city council websites getting better search engine results than bigger authorities, because of our software is supported with training.

TGov - EGov - Gershon

If your website works well as a service provider then you probably already know the 'buzz' words. Web Labs offer software suites and stand alone components that can plug the holes in your Egov website - and of course - they can be coded how you want them. The more transactional your website becomes the more citizens will use it, and symbiotically save your pressurized budgets money.

This is the essence of the transformation agenda required by the Gershon report (Click here to view the report on HM Treasuery website), and following this road map with Web Labs will serve to optimise your website in the most powerful ways possible! Web Labs want your web users to interact with a self service and transactional relationship.

Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009

Councils have a valuable opportunity to demonstrate strong commitment to local service performance. This is part of the petitions duty in the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009. Local authorites can fast track deficiencies they might have in this regard with eDemocracy products form Web Labs.

Web Labs know that you need to do to optimise your website service as a more transactional one, and we can show you how you can plan, engineer, design and enhance your website to get your website found and never lose a user.

Web Labs User Groups

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Customers who use Web Labs technologies have joined together in user groups around the U.K. Members have the chance to share information, resources and even data, get questions answered and plan new feature sets for products in development (and sometimes a free lunch!).

Do you want more technology to do more for you? Join the club! Buying into a Web Labs product suite is more than a one-off, its a relationship where support and collaboration are encouraged.

Web Labs Service Desk Plus

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We have now been running our online help desk since 2009. Web Labs track and manage all out customer calls regarding service requests, your problems and solutions. For those existing customers not yet using this facility please contact Matt (matt@web-labs.co.uk). To set you up on the system Matt will need a customer ID, contact name, number and e mail and she will be happy to get you started. For new customers this is just another way we are adding value to your purchase with enterprise level support.

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