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General and local election 2010 results online:
Case Study: Preston City Council eGov CMS

prestions general elections screenshot

Preston City Council wanted to make the general and local elections of 2010 as acccessible as possible to the public. Weblabs implemented a noteworthy solution to this challenge!

SOCITM included Preston in their study of election communications across 50 councils. Here are their comments:

Impressive Preston

Preston were notably impressive in communicating their results. They tweeted and updated their Proud Prestonian Facebook wall live with the results. Presentation of the results on their own site is impressive too, with a “scoreboard” that includes a %age turnout and spoilt ballot paper numbers and uses the party icons by each candidate – a small thing, but just makes it easier to make sense of the results with a glance:

They also have a graph to show share of vote, which is interesting given all the debate about the FPTP (first past the post) versus PR (proportional representation):

And here's their comparison doughnut graphic, which shows no change for them at this elections:
SOCITM - May 2010

...thanks for all your work on our new elections pages over the last few weeks. We had some positive feedback from people via Facebook and Twitter and our page views went up 3 fold on Friday! Meleanie France - web manager

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