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e Democracy Suite : fast track your transactional obligations to your citizens


  1. On-Line Campaigns
  2. On-Line Petitions
  3. On-Line Consultations and analysis
  4. Committee Meetings and Minutes
  5. e-Alerts
  6. SMS Text Alerts
  7. Officer Profiles/web sites/microsites
  8. Blogs
  9. e-Democracy web sites
  10. Community Pledges
  11. Election results - election scoreboards and statistics
  12. Social networks - Twitter, Facebook etc

These applications can be used independently or all together and can be purchased or used when required as a ASP.NET service provided in conjunction with the Local Government Association.


A true e-democracy package covering every aspect that is well thought out, easy to implement and use all at an affordable price. Can be trailed by means of a ASP service in conjunction with the Local Government Association.

e Democracy components: Extended your democratic mandate!

Components can be integrated with your CMS or set as stand alone web applications. Click on a component below for more information.

Consultation Master logo

ConsultationMaster is an easy to use online consultation builder that allows user departments to create, publish and analyse their own consultations.

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The Complete e-Petitions Solution that covers The Local Democracy Economic Development and Construction Act 2009.

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Web self-service can be delivered with four Web Labs component products.

community  master logo

Officer Profiles/campaign web sites and more can be deployed with this multi site award winning product.

Committees Manager logo

Committee Meetings - create, administer, and publish agendas and minutes of meetings.

Committees Manager logo

Designed to assist Local Authorities to promote the citizen awareness of elections and to then rapidly deploy the results in a professional & accessible format.

Web Labs User Groups

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Customers who use Web Labs technologies have joined together in user groups around the U.K. Members have the chance to share information, resources and even data, get questions answered and plan new feature sets for products in development (and sometimes a free lunch!).

Do you want more technology to do more for you? Join the club! Buying into a Web Labs product suite is more than a one-off, its a relationship where support and collaboration are encouraged.

Web Labs Service Desk Plus

user groups concept

We have now been running our online help desk since 2009. Web Labs track and manage all out customer calls regarding service requests, your problems and solutions. For those existing customers not yet using this facility please contact Matt (matt@web-labs.co.uk). To set you up on the system Matt will need a customer ID, contact name, number and e mail and she will be happy to get you started. For new customers this is just another way we are adding value to your purchase with enterprise level support.

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