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Search Master : Why & How!

Most search engines work by using 'keywords' unfortunately the human brain uses patterns in a language to convey any meaning. These patterns are mostly proper nouns, noun phrases and verb phrases any attempts to analyse text based upon single words in isolation will lead to confusion and ambiguity therefore what is really required is a search engine that works like the human brain and uses word patterns or 'concepts' to search for content.

Consider the following examples:

Isolated Words Concepts

  • New York City
  • Dealing Insider dealing
  • Company securities

The isolated words have no real meaning since they are ambiguous and out of context whilst, in contrast, the two and three word phrases have clear meaning.

Search Master automatically identifies the most significant word patterns in any text and uses these compound terms to rank results based on an understanding of meaning rather than simply based on finding the required words.

This technique is significantly more adaptive and flexible than exact phrase or proximity searching.

Also this system is more User friendly to the average User as queries can be expressed in natural language, with no need for complex query syntax associated with traditional Boolean techniques.

'Less is more' as the Search Master system returns only the most 'relevant results' it save time and frustration if one takes the example above if the search returned every page or document containing the words 'New' or 'York' or 'City' the results would be completely overwhelming whereas results containing only 'New York City' as a phrase would be more meaningful.

Search Master is the first true concept search engine in that it combines Bayesian Inference with Shannon's Information Theory to correctly weight not only single words but also compound terms (i.e. multi-word phrases). Since most concepts are expressed in short phrases, rather than in single words used in isolation, our unique technology is being used to build ground-breaking applications that are faster and easier to use.

Search Master is being used to power web sites intranets and document management systems and information retrieval systems

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