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Why choose a Document Management System?

Today the world is swamped with information and data, when we used paper there was a physical way of reducing the amount of information we stored which was physical space. There were only so many cupboards to put paper in and therefore companies would only keep the important paperwork and it would be treated with a certain amount of respect and security. But the world has changed and now we have the paperless office, even if it really is not paperless. This means that more or less everything is kept and not in an orderly fashion but usually stored in multiple computers throughout an office, hopefully connected on a network but not always. Information may be stored on a home computer, a mobile phone or just left in someone's head. So in reality how can anyone else find what they are looking for?

Now what we have described to some degree or less is most company's information storage system. In a report by the Gartner Group a telling comment came out, “80% of business is conducted on unstructured information”. Surely if this is your company it is time to step back into the realms of order rather than chaos.

Document Master from Weblabs was designed on the basis of bringing order to chaos, and manages this information in a central, distributable, secure and safe environment. We want to go back the old adage, if it is worth keeping look after it. Lets be honest, document management may not be the most exciting area of computer use and there are processes involved in the creation of documents and assets but no company can survive without its business knowledge and where it can find it instantly. A couple of steps upload, tag, approve and the document is in safe hands. With the built in library classification search engine and incredibly powerful concept driven document content search engine, no document can hide from a user unless security restricts access.

Document Master can handle ANY file type so it is not restricted to merely paper based documents, it can be sound, video, graphics, cad drawings, you name it we can store and find it. But if you are used to paper records and being able to go to a cupboard and flick through the pages to find the right page, then you will love Document Master.

Image flow in Document Master

Use your Eyes!
One of the new ways to find a Document in Document Master from Web Labs

All in all, if you value your company knowledge and information then you need Document Management and Document Master is a serious contentder!.

Document Master
Enterprise Document & Records Management System


Document Master has encrypted login/password protection and can be enhanced with networking security and SSL encryption. On top of this, different areas of the file plan can be given secure group access and with very fine granularity right down to individual documents. The system was sedigned to comply with the Publice Records Office Specification and European Standards



By utilising the power of MSSQL 2000+ Document Master gives incredible performance and fault tolerance. Also being web based and thin client / server model increases performance on any delivery platform. It can be delivered on a Desktop, Laptop, PDA or Mobile phone using the power of the server for crunching document data.



Using an attractive and user friendly interface accessed through a standard web browser this gives the product great visual appeal.



Easy to use controls and time saving shortcuts through the My Workspace, and the powerful new Quick Start system allow the User to quickly navigate and to become familiar with the system. The Document Master system has its own internal messaging system but is integrated to most MS Office programs. As the system is totally browser based it is fast abd easy to install and maintain  



Document Master is the ideal enterprise level product for organisations that may not have large pockets but want the power of a full EDRMS. Pricing is per server and there are no client charges for the browser based system. The system can also be supplied as ASP service with no capital cost and a modest Buy as you go tariff. 

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