taxonomy master concept

Taxonomy Master: Automatic Classification System


To collect and classify any digital file and file in easily accessible 'folders' The Government request that all web sites be classified to IPSV, LGSL etc this requires a certain amount of knowledge and time. This can be further compounded if you wish to classify content according to a medical or bespoke taxonomy or 'fileplan' at the same time. TaxonomyMaster is designed to perform this task automatically and consistently either at the time of content entry or as a batch process, thereby saving time and the need for experienced staff.


Consistent and speedy classification of all digital assets e.g. web sites, intranet, electronic document records, knowledgebase systems etc. saving time and money. Ability for the system to be deployed throughout the customer's entire enterprise providing a consistent classification system over all assets thus making all the digital assets searchable and more importantly easily found by all the users. The system can be used to develop a knowledge management system.


Dod's Parliamentary Information Services, The Driving Standards Agency, Preston City Council, Tamworth Borough Council.

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