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Why do I need a Content Management System?

With a Content Management System you can integrate the functioning and maintenance of your website with the structure, branding and staff skills of your organisation, taking full control of your website's operations and enabling non-technical staff to interact with it directly. Our intuitive browser-based CMS allows multiple staff can easily and simultaneously update the website from different locations, whilst our roles-based security system ensures that content and publication is always secure, appropriate and authorised by the right people.

A CMS can also allow you to keep a consistent look and feel throughout the design of your site, matching it seamlessly to your existing branding, logo and marketing - whilst automatic control of publication, review and archiving routines ensure not only that your website is always up to date and accurate, but that its dynamic nature continues to attract the attention of search engines and web-bots. Even if you don't require a complex website or if you have programming expertise on hand, a CMS can make your website more functional, professional and easy to maintain.

What is a Content Management System?

A Web Content Management System is a collection of software tools and systems that enable you to manage the content and appearance of a web site and to control who in the organisation can perform updates and alterations. With a CMS, the branding, look and feel of the website can be established through a series of templates, and non-technical staff can then enter content directly, whereupon it is automatically converted into the appropriate format. In this way, specifications, compliance and branding can be maintained whilst freeing your staff to contribute directly without the need for specialist skills or training.

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