About Web labs
UK software developers

Web-Labs Ltd is a British Software House specialising in the development of system software products for the Internet, Intranet & bespoke application development. We exist to deliver value for money, style, usability and innovation for our clients in the field of internet technology.


Our mission is to be the preferred supplier of IT Software and Services for organisations seeking improvement through the effective use of Internet/Intranet Technology. We will do this by ensuring that our products and people are continually focussed on the needs of our customers in the dynamic environments in which they operate.

What we do

  1. Content management systems
  2. Document management systems
  3. Bespoke sofotware
  4. Ecommerce software
  5. Government software
  6. Search engine software
  7. Consultancy
  8. Web design
  9. Search engine optimisation
  10. Hosting
  11. Training

What we stand for

  • Value
    Web Labs staff will always try to deliver 'value for money' by sharing development cost between clients, using our vast library of proven application software programs and modules and providing fixed price contracts.

  • Usability
    Web Labs staff believe that a web site that is all style and no substance is of limited value to our clients. Our designers have a passion for creating stylish and functional web site designs underpinned with our award winning software.

  • Innovation
    We have a software product portfolio of over 20 products designed in house by our creative staff. Because we build our own software we offer several advantages; not least of which is the ability to discuss your requirements with the staff who actually conceived, coded and tested the software. The Web Labs developer team is enthusiastic and committed to improve the solution provided to our customers.

  • Stability
    Web Labs is an established company, evident from our Financial rating with the banks of a top 4AA. We develop software that consistently out performs our competitors offerings as our staff have extensive commercial experience in delivering large scale projects on time and within budget. We have completed software projects that have been approved by some of the most rigours coding and testing standards in the world (Defence and Nuclear Industries).

The Web Labs Project Method

Our project approach generally follows the following stages in that we firstly confirm with your project team the following:

  • Business Requirements and Objectives
  • Web Site Mandatory Requirements and Objectives
  • Timescales
  • Responsibilities
  • Confirm your Requirements, Review the Proposal and document any changes/out of scope items
  • Review the Timescales and Cost


At the first meeting we establish/confirm the scope of the project, the system deliverables, the responsibilities of all parties, the reporting and project structure/methodology and isolate any risk to the project timescales. We also try to take away an outline design brief containing all of your corporate design standards, list of web sites you like, an outline of the functionality of your proposed web site etc. We then assign the necessary the required resources necessary to deliver the project successfully and confirm these assignments with your project team and produce an Implementation plan. We also produce a list (if any) of 'out of scope' items and detail the cost and time implications of including these in the plan or delaying their delivery to a later phase.

Staff allocation

We then confirm the resources we need to complete the project on time/budget confirm our Project and Customer Liaison Managers and in conjunction with your staff develop the Project Plan and reporting procedures.


We generally use two methods of project methodology Microsoft Project or Prince 2 depending upon the size of the project and/or the customer preferences. In general we have found that projects that can be completed in less 12 weeks do not need the administration overheads of Prince 2 and can be adequately managed using Microsoft Project.


As most of our Software is 'out of the box', not only our systems software but also our Application Software Modules, the items on the critical path are generally the Web Site Design, Content Migration/Entry and Integration to Third Party Software. We generally do a 'Risk Assessment' to identify any items that potentially could run out of time or over budget. These items can be the responsibility of the client and/or ourselves or a combination of both we therefore introduce our design team early to agree the 'design brief' with your project team.

Design Brief

The design brief will include objectives, accessibility standards, browser compatibility, download times, navigation as well of course client branding and 'look and feel'.

We usually after accepting and discussing your design brief with your project team provide up to three initial concept options on the 'look and feel' of each of your new proposed sites. All our design staff are educated to degree level, are fully conversant with the latest e-government and accessibility standards.

Content migration

We then look at your present site and the structure of the content to investigate 'automatic ways' of content migration with our library of 'load programs' or evaluate the time and resources to manually transfer content. We also look at the amount of new content needed to be input, where the content is likely to be located, how to acquire the content, how long will the process take and whose responsibility this will be.

Third party integration

With these two items scheduled the development of any 'tailored software', and the integration with third party software for both internal and external systems are considered to evaluate if it is integration we have done before or the amount of new bespoke work to be done.

Testing & training

The delivery of our software, the building of a 'mirror site' for content migration, testing and staff training is delivered either on the clients or our servers. You can read more about software training here.

Parallel running & acceptance test

We generally carry our one month of parallel running where possible to provide the client with confidence and carry out 'acceptance test' before the web site goes 'live'.

Web Labs User Groups

user groups concept

Customers who use Web Labs technologies have joined together in user groups around the U.K. Members have the chance to share information, resources and even data, get questions answered and plan new feature sets for products in development (and sometimes a free lunch!).

Do you want more technology to do more for you? Join the club! Buying into a Web Labs product suite is more than a one-off, its a relationship where support and collaboration are encouraged.

Web Labs Service Desk Plus

user groups concept

We have now been running our online help desk since 2009. Web Labs track and manage all out customer calls regarding service requests, your problems and solutions. For those existing customers not yet using this facility please contact Matt (matt@web-labs.co.uk). To set you up on the system Matt will need a customer ID, contact name, number and e mail and she will be happy to get you started. For new customers this is just another way we are adding value to your purchase with enterprise level support.

New Jobs

Software Developers

We have vacancies for experienced developers with a minimum of 3 years experience of C# and .Net. Developers must be able to work unsupervised or in a team.

Sales Executives

We have vacancies for hard working and experienced sales people with ambition to be the best and progress to senior positions within the company.

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