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Search Engine Systems : a new paradigm in searching

Information and data are often the most valuable assets a company owns, but all too often their value is not realised due to the use of sub-standard search engine systems. Intelligent search software can maximise your information potential by bringing relevant data to your fingertips swiftly, surely and accurately.

Web Labs Search Solutions

Our Search Engine software is built into many of our products and is also offered as a stand-alone product to allow you integrate it into your existing systems. With the powerful categorisation possibilities and intelligent search options available, we can create a comprehensive information management system that is right for you. Engineered in .net for exceptional speed and cross-coding compatibility, our software can be integrated into almost any system, and will enable you to optimise your organisation's information.

The Web Labs difference:

With intelligent searching, we can create a customised engine that produces the information you need, when you need it. Whether providing speedy search results for potential customers or producing pin-point data targeting for content-rich databases, Web Labs search technology brings your data into a responsive, intelligent system incorporating content-based searches, comprehensive document management and total systems integration. Our extensive experience in delivering solutions to both private and public organisations makes us the right choice to bring the benefits of advanced search technology to you.

  • Faster searching
  • More accurate search results
  • Advanced tagging options
  • Incredible categorisation possibilities
  • Content-based data retrieval
  • Automatic routing of relevant data to clients or staff
  • Seamless systems integration

The Integral Choice:

Web Labs customised software solutions integrate your search engine software into the heart of your operating system, and can create a document management structure that interacts seamlessly with the functions and processes of your organisation. With our flexible and scaleable systems, our Search Management products and services adapt as your needs change, and our unique approach to systems support, continual development and personalised customisation mean that Web Labs can ensure you get the right solution, first time.

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