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Resource Master : Enterprise level resource management system

The Resource Master provides an easy, comprehensive and flexible resource management system that can administrate any number of different resource types at an unlimited number of locations. Web Labs' extensive experience in constructing customised resource management software mean that you can be certain your system will respond efficiently and reliably to all of your resource management needs.

  • Save staff time booking resources
  • Use resources more effectively
  • Avoid costly training with our intuitive browser-based interface
  • Exclude the potential for double booking or hidden dependency errors
  • Easy to use visual interface
  • Plug-ins available for room bookings, courses or as a stand-alone Out-of-Hours GP booking application
  • Access accurate resource cost and usage data
  • Easily integrate with email, alerts or other systems

ResourceMaster the features:

In partnership with Web Lab's expert support and personalised programming, ResourceMaster's comprehensive range of features allow you to construct a resource management system that fulfils your needs precisely:

  • Manage multiple types of resource
  • Automate recurring bookings
  • Avoid double bookings - ensure bookings can only occur when available
  • Restrict resource availability by location and time
  • Assign individuals responsibility for specific resources
  • Link resource booking to dependency availability make sure bookings can only occur if the necessary staff, location or authorisation are also available
  • Utilise resource reservation application for overtime or holiday slots allow provisional bookings that clear if not confirmed within a predetermined time window
  • Automatically allocate resource use cost to the individual or department
  • Security settings allow you to control access to different levels of the system

Above and Beyond Resource Management

ResourceMaster is also equipped with additional features to integrate your management system seamlessly into your organisation:

  • Printable daily, weekly and monthly booking schedules
  • Integration with email and SMS text messaging to remind users of their bookings and notify of upcoming availability
  • Usage reports showing how frequently resources are utilised and their true cost
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