generic directory concept

Generic Directory : ultimate directory flexiblity for your CMS

Web Labs software enables the fast development of any directory that can be searched on any field, have graphics attached and have protected fields. It is used extensively by our Local Government clients for Clubs, Voluntary Groups. Local Businesses etc on the web site and for Staff Directories on the intranet. It is now being used extensively for Portals to provide every community to have a web presence in a dynamic directory which by means of a password some fields in the directory can be updated by the directory owner enabling communities to keep their own entry up to date.

Most of our Local Government clients use the system for their Staff Directory, Preston City Council use the system as part of their award winning Portal, Inverclyde Council have a comprehensive Business Directory and Schools Portal and all of the Local Councils in Hampshire are using our Food Premises Inspection System that is underpinned with the generic directory for all of the food premises.

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