FIRS concept

FIRS : Food Inspection Reporting System

Adding value and making food inspection reporting accessible, in line with FSA recommendations for 'scores on the doors'.

  • Optimise food inspection data collation, analysis and publication
  • Share information easily with the public as part of the 'Scores on the Doors' initiative
  • Offer added value to vendors with augmented information display
  • Save time, cost and effort by integrating your existing databases with FIRS

With the new focus on accountability and public accessibility in food standards reporting, many organizations are looking for a way to combine their own collation and auditing of food standards data with a means to easily share this information with the public. As much of this data can be too complex and detailed to easily assimilate, the FSA's 'Scores on the Doors' initiative promotes a standardized way of publicly presenting this information.

…potentially the biggest contribution to improving food safety since the Food and Drugs Act 1955… David Ralph

Food Inspection Reporting System from Web Labs allows you to integrate your existing databases with a user-friendly public display system that provides added value for PSOs, customers and vendors alike. This software solution incorporates the intuitive administration features, the powerful data organization capabilities and the secure authorization controls that are a hallmark of Web Labs' high quality solutions.

How FIRS can transform your food inspection processes:

Backwards compatibility

Switching over to a new database system can be expensive and time-consuming, and risks introducing errors during the data entry process. FIRS can assimilate the data in existing databases such as CAPS (IDOX) and FLARE (Authority), minimizing these costs and allowing you to move forward into a fully integrated information system with the minimum of disruption.

Flexibility and Reliability

FIRS is engineered around the tried and tested software of Content Master and Directory Manager ensuring proven reliability and the capacity for full integration with other Web-Labs solutions. The system's intuitive format ensures that it can be maintained by staff without the need for specialist IT skills or training, and its scalability and flexibility ensure that it can easily be adapted to cater for future requirements.

Efficiency Improvements

With the capacity to increase the accuracy of data capture and analysis, by incorporating enhanced reporting data including photo evidence, and by reducing the time between data capture and audit publication, FIRS can streamline the information flow through your organization, substantially improving the efficiency of your auditing process. Additionally, integrating in-house data processes with public information reporting can generate large savings, and it can produce up to 80% cost reduction in performance monitoring and reporting.

Added Value

In addition to the benefits of integrating your data and reporting systems, FIRS has many features that offer added value to the customers and vendors involved, encouraging their use of and investment in the food reporting process. FIRS' attractive web based information system has the capacity to print certificates, which vendors can display in their premises, whilst inspection report results are simultaneously posted to both the Local Authority and the national 'Scores on the Doors' websites.

In addition, FIRS lets you:

  • Use flexible and automatic ranking choose your own criteria and display format
  • Add photos, location maps, menus, opening hours, table booking, web links, copies of the full inspection report
  • Show logos, branding and awards
  • Offer advanced searching by vendor type Chinese, Italian, Burger
  • Measure performance, including premises with changed ratings, website usage, user feed back and flow around the site
  • Output data for use in other reporting systems

Business Benefits:

  • Improved auditing performance with accurate data capture and analysis
  • 80% Cost Reduction for performance monitoring and reporting
  • Higher Security with proof of User and secure transmission
  • Greater Efficiency in time reduction between data capture and audit reports
  • Reduced Risk by quick notification of faults and corrective actions
  • Faster enhanced reporting with additional photographic evidence to enable quick evaluation and corrective action
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