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Document Management Systems: Store. Search. Deliver.

As technology advances and the worlds of paperwork, computer systems and the web become ever more interdependent, it becomes increasingly important for organisations to find a way to ensure capability, efficiency and security across the totality of their operations.

Web Labs systems combine the functions of traditional Document Management Systems - capturing paper documents and other digital assets and providing secure storage, easy retrieval and archiving – with the lifecycle administration functions of a Record Management System. With our comprehensive systems, you'll see substantial reductions in time, cost and stress.

With over 10 years of experience in the continual development of Document Management Systems, Web Labs are one of the premier providers of software solutions for all your document management needs. Our products, services and installation are fully customised to your needs and integrated into the heart of your organisation.

A Price Waterhouse survey has suggested that the average office worker spends 40% of their time managing and looking for non-essential documents - half of which they cannot find. On average, each document is copied 19 times and 1 in 20 is lost, and the cost of administrating a four-drawer filing cabinet of paper documents has been estimated at £10,000 per annum.

There has to be a better way…

Take advantage of Document Management, the Web Labs way:

  • Find documents faster.
  • Securely store documents electronically.
  • Forget photocopying – scan all your documents into the system for instant retrieval and replication.
  • Save money - remove the need for expensive filing procedures and office space.
  • Call up documents with vital information already highlighted, streamlining your office operations.
  • Interact with the system through our intuitive web-browser based interface, removing the need for specialist IT skills, staff or training.
  • Share text, image, video and multimedia files swiftly and securely.
  • Control and manage the production, storage, alteration and publication lifcycle of documents.
  • Estimated 1 year ROI on investment.

Faster searches

With Web Labs Document Management Systems, our conceptual search function will allow you to search by Title, Author or Date, but also by conceptual content or subject. You will be able to call up all the documents concerning a particular issue, and have them displayed along with short extracts of their content, allowing you to find the document you need in seconds.

Eliminate Lost Documents

You can ensure that documents are filed correctly when placed into the system and not 'destroyed' without a checking procedure, eliminating the two most common reasons for losing documents.

Stop copying…

As all documents are stored in a central electronic database, any authorised user can easily find and share the document in seconds, removing the need for repeated photocopying. With the office no longer snowed under with paper, your staff can get on with what's important – delivering results.

…and throw out your filing cabinets!

Without multiple paper copies, you will, of course, need less physical storage space, saving on administration, cost and office space. Documents from the central store can be printed only when needed – even courts accept electronic copies in many cases today.

Share Information

DMS solutions from Web-Labs contain many advanced features to encourage the communication and connectivity of your organisation. Use email alerts to keep listed staff or clients informed of additions and alterations; store details of users' colleagues or subscribed parties; contact specific contributors by subject or category of expertise by searching for the documents they have published.

Comply with Legislation

The Records management aspect of the Web Labs solution is designed to comply with the PRO Specification and the latest European additions to ensure that records are correctly managed. The system can be customised to ensure that the security, archiving, lifecycles and workflows all meet the specific legislation relevant to each customer.

Ensure Security

Control and manage the access, production, editing, copying, publication and archiving of specific documents, folders or classes of documents. Establish procedures for password expiry or advanced security

identification protocols. Keep your documents secure from misuse, loss or unauthorised access.

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