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Software for Democratic Services

Web–Labs software can assist with Officers and Elected Members in the U.K. with a varirty of tasks. Web Labs software and services are used by over 40 Local Authorities and 90+ Public Sector organisations and is an effective way to bring e-Democracy to the Public at a reasonable cost.

Communicate and serve the Public with the following software:

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Consultations Online - To embrace the Community on a wide range of topics Web Labs offers an on-line Consultation builder, publishing and analysis system.

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A true e-democracy CMS package covering every aspect that is well thought out, easy to implement and use all at an affordable price inlcuding a fulll Enterprise content management system with the following modules fully configured: Petitions, Elections, Campaigns, Wards and Councillors & a Community Web Portal Builder to enable the deployment of member websites (Parish Councls, Voluntary Groups & Strategic Partnerships)

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Committee Meetings - create, administer, and publish agendas and minutes of meetings.

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Content Management System for web portal development and enterprise level capability at a budget price

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This Web-Labs software provides a powerful and flexible platform to support administration and web site publishing. Now including W2 technologies like Web Casting, SMS and E-Alerts, simultaneous publishing to Social Networking sites i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc to keep Members and the Public informed.

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Report Writing and Editing with our Enterprise Level Document & Records Management System (EDRMS) built to comply with the PRO specification and offer all the security and version control required to produce edit and store documents

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The Complete e-Petitions Solution that covers The Local Democracy Economic Development and Construction Act 2009.

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'Scores on the doors' Food Information reporting system that provides premesis food safety report scores to the public.

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Designed to enable the online booking of rooms and resources

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Web self-service customer relationship management (CRM) with Web Labs electronic support (e-support) that allows customers and employees to access information and perform routine tasks over the Internet, without requiring any interaction with a representative of an enterprise.

TGov - EGov - Gershon

If your website works well as a service provider then you probably already know the 'buzz' words. Web Labs offer software suites and stand alone components that can plug the holes in your Egov website - and of course - they can be coded how you want them. The more transactional your website becomes the more citizens will use it, and symbiotically save your pressurized budgets money.

This is the essence of the transformation agenda required by the Gershon report (Click here to view the report on HM Treasuery website), and following this road map with Web Labs will serve to optimise your website servioces. Web Labs want your web users to interact with a self service and transactional relationship.

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