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  • Create and maintain a professional web presence without the need for specialist skills.
  • Take advantage of the in-built flexibility and modular format to find the right solution for you.
  • Enjoy ease of interface, inter-operability and the guarantee of compliance with professional and legislative standards.

A web presence is increasingly seen as an indispensable tool for Public Sector Organisations, allowing the provision of up-to-date information and on-line services, and forming the first point of contact with the organisation for many members of the public. Whilst seeking economic and easily maintained solutions, organisations are increasingly aware of the need to present a contemporary and professional image to the public through their website.

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The Content Master Content Management System enables you to develop an advanced, impressive and user-friendly website in a flexible and cost-effective way without the need for specialist IT skills or programming. Its modular format means that you only pay for the features you need, and it can operate across an intranet, extranet and the internet, seamlessly integrating your operations into one secure system. [It is engineered in .NET, Microsoft's comprehensive and consistent programming model for building applications, and offers the ability to model a range of business processes, producing an intuitive and visually stunning user experience.

Some of the features that set Content Master apart:

Template Driven Composition

Gone are the days when producing a high-quality interactive website required an in-depth knowledge of programming code. With Content Master's template-based design, you can create flexible page layouts, embed advanced functions and maintain a coherent brand aesthetic through the automatic formatting of texts and images all without the need to employ technical specialists.

Rich Content Made Easy

Content Master stores the pages you create and records them by content type, allowing you to control what information is available and how it is used by the system and the website.

Website Asset Management Made Easy

In addition to facilitating the [stress-free] creation and management of your website, Content Master offers a variety of advanced options that can streamline the day-to-day functions of your organisation. With Content Master's unique asset management capabilities, you can take advantage of the latest innovations in new media software:

Document attachments attach downloadable files to a content record in a variety of formats: PDF, Microsoft Word files, movies, MP3s etc.

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Rest assured - Content Master covers all your Office OS file types in the file repository

Content mapping link to relevant or related content within your site to assist a visitor with supplementary information or to direct them to other pages.

Advanced image processing add images in an easy one-click process to have them applied and managed intelligently by the website. Includes watermarking, intelligent framing, automatic resizing and web optimisation.

Keywords apply keywords to the page to assist searching and classification of content.

Automatic Links when combined with our Search Master product, attach automatic links to the page that track changes and updates on the website as they happen.

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Managing the Content Process : Workflow

Using our roles based security, extensive publishing features and workflow you'll have complete control over who, how, why and where content is created, managed and delivered.

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With the proliferation of electronic data in the workplace, security and segregation of information is of increasing concern. Workflow allows you to retake control of how content is created, managed and delivered by assigning different permissions and powers to each user of the administration system.

  • Define a simple division of roles and functions or develop your own structure of authority and information flow.
  • Control the content life-cycle of publication, review and archival.
  • Differentiate approval protocols by content owner, type or location on the website.

Whatever your needs, Workflow allows you to alter and adapt the system as your requirements change, enabling control of what, where, when and by whom content is produced.

Content Software Modules

Content Master comes with a rich array of web page modules so your users can enjoy a fantastic website experience. These modules can be configured and bespoked to your needs.

polls module icon

Polls & Petitions

email alerts module icon

Email Alerts & Bulletins

Email friend module icon

Email Friend

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SMS module icon

SMS Messages - text messaging

page rating module icon

Page ratings

RSS module icon

RSS Feed

Standard search module icon

Standard Search

Calendar module icon

Events / Meetings Calendar

job serach module icon

Job Vacancies

forum module icon

Notice Board

life events module icon

Life Events

tip of the day module icon

Tip of the day

Accessibility text module icon


Member Home Page module icon

User customisable home page

Podcast module icon


Web video module icon

Web video

Gallery module icon


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Blog module icon


Site Map module icon

Dynamic Site Map

Related content module icon

Intelligent Links

Stickies module icon


Spell checker module icon

Spell Checker

contacts module icon


Email friend module icon

Secure Login

Member Subscribe module icon

Member Subscribe

CMS components: Extended your website advantage

Components can be integrated with your CMS or set as stand alone web applications. Click on a component below for more information.

Consultation Master logo

ConsultationMaster is an easy to use online consultation builder that allows user departments to create, publish and analyse their own consultations.

ecommerce logo

Complete ecommerce suite with product inventory, basket and payment integration with EPDQ.

edemocracy suite logo

A true e-democracy package covering every aspect that is well thought out, easy to implement and use all at an affordable price.

Forms master logo

Forms Master allows you to build tailored & intelligent e-forms .

mars logo

Food Information reporting system. Building a better food inspection reporting system for the Scores on the doors scheme.

generic directory logo

Web Labs software enables the fast development of any directory that can be searched on any field, have graphics attached and have protected fields.

leisure bookings logo

An interactive system that allows customers to browse for and book activities for their children to partake in.

petitons logo

The Complete e-Petitions Solution that covers The Local Democracy Economic Development and Construction Act 2009.

Committees Manager logo

Committee Meetings - create, administer, and publish agendas and minutes of meetings.

self service master logo

Web self-service can be delivered with four Web Labs component products.

Recruit Master logo

RecruitMaster is a bespoke system that allows both HR and potential candidates to interact in a friendly and efficient manner that will aid both parties successfully through the job application process.

refusemaster logo

One major cost in a local authority is the call centre; & many of the calls occur want to know when and what type of bins are collected. Local authority costs can easily be reduced with RefuseMaster.

searchmaster logo

Advanced Search Engine with automatic categorisation / automatic classification system

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