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Consultation Master : connecting you to your clients and customers

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'Interactivity' now extends far beyond your computer. Gaining feedback from users, clients and customers is recognised as a vital response to today's demanding environment for both businesses and public service providers. With ConsultationMaster from Web Labs, you can build, deliver and analyse your own online consultations to engage with the public and benefit from improved targeting and increased responsiveness.

Consultation Master is an easy to use, online consultation builder that operates through an intuitive, browser-based interface that requires no specialist IT knowledge. It incorporates advanced security and workflow options and a wide variety of display formats, empowering your workforce to create intelligent, interactive, multipage consultations that take full advantage of all the benefits of the electronic medium.

Building your consultation:

  • Create intuitive online consultations with extensive configuration options
  • Create separate Introductory, Question and Success pages.
  • Control display format, utilising text boxes, select lists or check boxes.
  • Include automatic validation of answers and confirmation email delivery.
  • Attach documents, web links or help boxes.
  • Create a PDF version.
  • Manage access control by citizens and staff.
  • Set consultation lifecycle have your consultation 'go live' or close to new respondents on a set date
  • Create and publish analysis reports of the results

Analysing your Consultation

In addition to facilitating the consultation, Consultation Master can help you deliver better products and services by providing automatic analysis and organisation of the information. Once processed, results can be filtered based upon age, location, gender, respondent type or any other combination of demographic data, and automatically rendered in a wide variety of graphical display formats. Completed consultations can be exported in XML or CSV form for use in other systems or converted to PDF format for general publication.

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Consultation Master Software Modules

Consultation Master comes with a rich array of web page and administrator modules so your users and form publishers can work. These modules can be configured and bespoked to your needs.

Accessibility text module icon

Accessibility - including hi-contrast and text resizing

Attachments module icon

Attachments documents to form pages

field help module icon

Field Help with various display options

eForms Member Subscribe module icon

Eforms Subscribe & Login option

Myforms Desktop module icon

MyForms Desktop

form progress module icon

Form Progress completed bar

save form module icon

Save & Return to partially completed forms

validation module icon

Validation rules: fully customisable with rules, styles and default options

Email module icon

Fully Email Compliant Compliant with all email services. Provides full control over what emails are sent out from the system

Publish state module icon

Publishable States Each form has a status which controls if its live or not, restrictions can be made to stop a form from being available under a non-secure environment

database module icon

Display Rules: Build multi-page forms with simple to complex rules eforms can contain multiple pages which allow for complex rules to be generated to determine if a page should be displayed or not

XML friendly module icon

XML friendly - The form definition can be held in an XML file to make it easy to transfer between system

Public user module icon

Public user management

Email friend module icon

Secure login & Multi-Level Security Define different levels of security for individual users to tailor the system to each user requirements

database module icon

Fully OLE/ODBC Compliant Connect to any OLE/ODBC database to retrieve, validate or save data into the database. Compatible with any SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and Sybase databases.

Field Block Library module icon

Field Block Library Contains a library of preset questions; customisable as field blocks that can be reused within your forms saving repetition for form authors

Dublin Core module icon

Dublin Core Integrated Metadata System will either automatically generate the Dublin Core tags for you, or allow you to control the values yourself

Forms Library module icon

Forms Library Access to a library of all the forms built by some of our other clients

User Management icon

User Management & Role management

Report management icon

Report management

results icon

Result processing

workflow icon

Integrated Workflow A fully integrated workflow system is included which is based on the Workflow Management standards. Allows you to setup different views of the same form based on different criteria and the user roles.

database module icon

Automated PDF Generation Generates a PDF of the form and the submission without any design work required from the administrators

chart production icon

Chart production

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